Matthew Lesko – Is His Grant and Scholarship Information For Real?

One of the most colorful characters on late-night television in recent years is Matthew Lesko. He’s probably best know for his colorful outfits and promises to help you find “free money” in the form of grants and scholarships. Some people have labeled him a scam probably because of his weird outfits and crazy presentation manner in his infomercials. After borrowing [...]

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Mini Grants: Don’t Disregard the Power of the Small Grant for Your Funding Needs

Mini Grants are an excellent way to fund your educational needs as well as your business. Often, people will overlook a small grant and only concentrate on larger grants $10,000 and over. The fact is that the more the grant’s value, the more competitive it will be to receive those funds. There are usually many more qualifications and supporting information [...]

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Grants for Newbies: 8 Must-Know Sites for the Beginning Grant Seeker

Finding grants online for the beginning grant seeker can be a really daunting task, especially with the vast amounts of information out there.  I’ve compiled a short post here with eight important sites you can go to quickly to begin you online grant or scholarship search. These are by no means the best on the web; but they are an [...]

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Nursing Scholarships and Grants – A Big List to Help You Find Financial Aide to Train as a Nurse

I love to find “Lists” of things on the internet, especially when seeking out Grants and Scholarships. One of the areas most searched for on is in the area of Nursing and Medical Grants. Over the past few months I have run across some excellent sites which lists grants or scholarships available to train in the Nursing field. Please [...]

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United States Students Studying Abroad- Marshall Scholarship

United States students cannot participate in the Chevening Scholarship program; however, that does not mean there are no grants to study abroad, specifically in the UK. If there is a particular school in the UK you have had your eye on, the Marshall Scholarship could be the answer to funding problems. A Little History The Marshall Scholarship was established at [...]

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Want to Study Abroad? Consider a Chevening Scholarship

If you have ever considered going to college in another country you may have wondered if there were any money to study abroad. The good news is if you are a resident of a participating country, you may qualify for a Chevening Scholarship. Chevening Scholarship This is a highly competitive scholarship named for Chevening house in Kent, which is the [...]

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Fulbright Scholarship and Grants – Student Scholarships and Grant Money Available

Fulbright Scholarship Overview: Years ago the Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright established what came to be eventually known as “The Fulbright Scholarship” program. He sponsored the legislation way back in 1946 and it has since helped multiplied thousands of students fund scholarships for higher education. The program is sponsored by the Dept. of State’s “Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.” [...]

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Scholarship Mistakes: Don’t Make these 10 Common Errors While Applying for Scholarships

Every college student loves to get scholarship money, and many apply for tens of thousands of scholarships each year. The truth is that much scholarship money is forfeited because of these 10 common mistakes when applying for scholarships and grants. Here is a list to watch out for: 1. Waiting too late to apply. This is a big one! You [...]

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Elks Scholarship from the Elks Foundation

Many young adults are not aware that the Elk Scholarship is available for college funding. The “Elks” organization runs the Elks lodges which are a part of many communities across the nation. They run more than 2000 lodges across the country and have some 900,000 members. Through the charitable services of the Elks Foundation, they provide over 3 million dollars [...]

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