If you have heard the term “BEOG” when looking for student grant funding / scholarships and don’t know its meaning, don’t worry. Many people are not aware that this is an older name for what is more commonly known as the PELL GRANT.

The B.E.O.G. stands for the “Basic Educational Opportunity Grant” and was created in 1972 to expand scholarships to students at that time. Later in 1980, it became more commonly know as the “Pell Grant”. It was established in 1972 to expand the scope of educational opportunities the funding (scholarships) would cover such as vocational / technical colleges.

Many students have made use of this great student funding source, but it is limited in what it can pay, and students often have to take advantage of student loans along with the BEOG / Pell Grant. Talk to your perspective college’s financial aid office at the time of application to see if you qualify. If you’re already in college you can check here too if you have never applied.

If you are in this case where a Pell Grant will not be enough to help you in your college expenses, I encourage you to read my post on No Cosigner Student Loans and How to Qualify if a loan is your only option. It gives some good pointers in this area if you’ve expended all the “free funding” opportunities available.

One word of advice: Be sure you follow through and completely explore your options with the BEOG / Pell Grant since it is basically free money to you. It is worth the effort.

Good Luck!!!
Mark Evants

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